Folder Lock

Folder Lock Version 7.8.0 Free trial

Software for password protecting any file or folder on your PC

Folder Lock! As implied by its name, it won't stop wars, it will probably not be able to put an end to hunger, illness or poverty, it's more than fair to assume that should a meteor be heading towards Earth it won't do much good in averting such a calamity, but hey, it will sure keep your folders locked! That's looking at the bright side.
Actually, Folder Lock will enable you to lock not only folders, but specific files, portable drives and disks and even entire drives. This is a great solution for keeping your private information private. Folder Lock encrypts protected information and backs it up on real time to an online storage destination of your choosing, offering a quite rare 256 bit encryption level. Its system is quite convenient as users can store protected information in virtual wallets, access it or completely shred it while cleaning Window's history files. You can even encrypt and compress files in order to send them to other parties.
While accessing your protected information, Folder Locks automatically decrypts the information for you, regardless of the PC you use to access it, so information availability won't be compromised.
Another of Folder Lock's features is the ability to set password protection as an extra means of protection and the ability to limit access to different sections of software in accordance with different users' authorization.
Last but no least, Folder Lock supports all of Window's operating system versions, including 32 bit and 64 bit.
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